The browser is a single platform that opens a virtual world of internet. It will help you to dive into the sea of knowledge, inspiration, new world, new people and anything is less to write to describe the depth of the internet. We all are aware and been using its services for over a decade now and it made our lives so easy to handle. It made us dependant and we take it as our friend to find, to see, to learn and has been with us all the time.

A web browser is a software application which gives you the information about the web page. It can be anything from a web page to a video link, an image, an article etc. Within that page, there are many hyperlinks to get you connected to other pages within that page or topic.

In early days, we used to have only one web browser which was our only source to get to the internet. Internet Explorer is the product of Microsoft, which was used in almost all the computers across the globe. With the changing time and revolution in the technology world, now there is a list of browsers to download from. The major web browsers are Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, and UC browser APK.

From this list of web browsers which is owned and developed by most famous companies around the world, Chinese mobile internet company UCWeb is gaining popularity. It is an intervention in the technology by the developers to make it more convenient for the customers. UC browser uses data compression technology which will allow you to open any page in a second and without consuming much data. A product of UCWeb, you can download UC browser for free. With the commitment to deliver the quality to the customers, they can download free UC browser on any platform.

Officially launched in April 2004, it uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology to load data faster. As it loads data at the higher speed and if you are looking for a fast download, UC browser is one of the best from the available browsers. After the launch which was only specified to the computers, they break through the limits and later in 2013, UCWeb announced UC browser for mobile.

Download UC browser app

Download UC browser app

Some of the best features of UC Browser

Data Compression

UC Browser uses data compression technology by optimization for faster web browsing. Many websites consume a lot of data before getting displayed on a smartphone or on the desktop. With this browser, the data which is consumed is far less, and data compression reduces data consumption while browsing the internet. This is the unique feature which was invented and used by UC browser and later all the browsers are working on the same technology.


This should be the only reason why this browser got this much popularity in the competition with Google and Microsoft. Well-known browsers from Google and Microsoft are in the market for quite a long time now and we all have used them at some point in time. Nobody wants to see the buffer that happens while playing or a long wait to download anything from the browser. With UC browser, things will change as the difference can be experienced after the first use.


We all are familiar with the gesture technology which has been an important part in touchscreen smartphones these days. UC browser supports these gestures which will allow you to work quickly and more efficiently. While you are on a website it is always suggested to move to a next page with an arrow on the website. But with UC browser, you can use these simple gestures to go back on the page or to the next page. You can also swipe up and down or left and right to increase or decrease the volume and brightness of the page.

Text Only Mode

This is personally my favorite feature which is not available in any of the browsers. Many websites have lots of images and pop-up images on the page which are a lot even related to the information on the page. While loading these images it consumes a lot of unnecessary data without your will to spend. UC browser app has this feature which you can switch in from the options in the browser. Once this mode will be on and you open any page from the website, it will only display the text which is available on the page. This will load the website at a higher speed and will consume lesser data compared to the page with images. This feature is only available when you are connected with your mobile data, as soon as you move to Wi-Fi connection, this mode will be switched off automatically.


We all love to customize everything which we have and which we are using on daily basis. At times we feel bored using and working on the same interface and that is why we need change. Many browsers which are available don’t have this feature to customize the homepage. UC browser app is loaded with themes which you can apply and change as per your choice. You can also change the font, the wallpaper in the background and if you are not happy with the available themes, you can customize and make your own theme. This will give you the sense of individuality and things which are under your control. You can also select your own pictures from your collection.

UC Brower for Mobile Phone

Android and iOS are the only two operating systems on which all the smartphones work these days. It can be downloaded on both the platforms with the respected market. UC browser for Android mobile operating system has the largest user base with 300 million from 500 million active users. It suggests that every second Android user has UC browser application in the mobile. It will clearly prove the popularity and the trust that customer has on it.

Steps to Download UC Browser for Android

  • Open Google play store on your Android smartphone and search for UC browser APK in the search tab.
  • From the list of searched option, select UC browser which will redirect you to the homepage of the website.
  • The homepage of UC browser will have an option to download and you need to click on that.
  • The application will be downloaded depending on the speed of the internet and the logo of the application will appear in the smartphone.
  • After the download is finished, click on the logo and you are good to go.

Steps to Download UC Browser for iPhone

  • With the presence of safari, which is an inbuilt browser for all iOS users we still need something which is faster. Click on the App store and search for UC browser.
  • Click on UC browser from the list and select download button from the homepage.
  • The application will be downloaded and ready to use.

Recently UCWeb has launched another version of UC browser, by the name of UC browser Mini. It has been categorized as one of the fastest browsers, in comparison to the size with lots of add-ons. As per the tradition which has been maintained by UCWeb, UC Mini download can be found easily in all operating systems.

With all the hard work and dedication, the developers of UC browser have proved it yet again. This is the latest version which has all the features of UC browser in comparison to the size of the application. Download UC browser mini for free across all the platform including windows, Android and iOS devices.

Specification of UC browser mini download

  • File: UC Mini
  • Version: 10.7.8 (101)
  • Android Version: 2.3 or above
  • Rating: 3+
  • Size: 1.72 MB

UC mini and UC browser have provided what other browser lacked in the past. The features of these browsers have made the user to love this application and made developers motivated to come with more new updates. As it is popular with all the platforms, there is another application which is making the headlines these days. 9Apps APK is an alternative market for all Android users which gives many applications for free or on discounted price compared to the payable amount on play store. It makes 9 Apps well-known and most downloaded App store in the Android operating system. 9apps download is quite easy, as it is most downloaded and trusted application compared to other third party app stores in the market.

How to Download 9 Apps

  • Click on any Web browser in your Android smartphone.
  • In the search tab, search for 9 Apps.
  • There will be the list of search items with the application and all the related searches.
  • To download, click on the icon of 9 Apps which will redirect the page to the homepage of the application.
  • On the homepage, there will be the description about the application with the reviews and comments by the users across the globe.
  • Click on the Install button. Once you will click on the Install button the application will be install to your smartphone depending on the speed of the network.

To run the application, click on the 9 Apps Icon. So, download UC browser and make internet browsing faster.

Social Networking with UC Browser :

Cloud Acceleration is one of the flagship features of UC Browser. It helps the users load websites quickly during surfing. In this blog, we are going to talk about user networking over social media using UC browser’s cloud acceleration feature. Experience the fastest Facebook loading speed with UC mobile browser courtesy the deployment of UCWeb servers in India.
With the latest version of UC Browser the Facebook load time is 60% faster than the usual. So, you no longer have to wait in a tiring manner to stay connected on Facebook and share updates with friends. The browser lets you upload photos and videos, share posts and navigate through Facebook pages within a few seconds.
Moreover, the best thing about cloud acceleration is that it works for all the sites and not just any specific social media site such as Facebook. So what is true for the popular site Facebook in terms of speed of browsing and activity is also equally applicable for all other popular sites. This establishes the universality of cloud acceleration as a web browsing principle of UC browser and caters to all kinds of users irrespective of what sites they browse the most and spend a substantial part of their web surfing schedule.
Also, engaging yourself on Facebook costs less with UC browser vis-à-vis the usual data plan costs involved. This is courtesy the data compression feature of the browser – the UCWeb servers share the load in such a way so as to optimize the overall speed of browsing for every individual user.
So go ahead and download the latest version of UC Browser to get the best experience on the mobile version of Facebook – all seemingly at the speed of light!

UC Browser Download for Java :

For the most avid internet surfers, isn’t it a dream yet unfulfilled to browse the web just like the way you browse through your smart-phone – customized, tailored, according to preferences, sleek, lean and agile browsing? For Java OS users, there is a silver lining in the form of UC browser, brought to you by UCWeb. Experience by yourself this ‘smart-phone like browser’!
Speed Dial and Site Navigation are 2 browsing features that render speed and convenience to your surfing experience. Access your favorite sites with a single click and at a blistering speed using these features. You can use customized themes and wallpapers to change the way your UC Browser looks by downloading the same from the UC Theme Center. This feature adds a significant dash of personalization to your browsing experience.

The Cloud Download feature enables you to download files conveniently and quickly to UCWeb’s cloud server especially while facing a poor or sluggish internet connection. The advantage is – the sheer wastage of your data plan is prevented. You can subsequently transfer the cloud downloaded files to your hard storage devices as and when you get a much better connection such as Wi-Fi. You get 2 GB permanent and 4 GB temporary storage space in cloud exclusively for these troublesome downloads.
Not just that, the UDisk feature of UC Browser takes you a step ahead. While you are trying frantically yet unsuccessfully to open heavy audio or video files on your browser, transfer them to UDisk. Then open those files stored at UDisk and enjoy a hassle free listening to audio or watching the video. The point is, you are guaranteed that with UDisk you neither need to download nor worry about possible interruption in running of your audio or video files.