download chromium-based uc browser for android

UC Browser is a fresh looking, chromium-based browser, that comes packed with all the benefits of chrome. UC Browser is a powerful browser and has a decent set of features, but it doesn’t surpass the best browsers for android.

For a long time uc browser has been a top choice for discerning android users, due to it’s speed and reliability, but now the field has opened up into the windows market and uc browser doesn’t disappoint.

It is a virus free app. So, you don’t have to think or getting worry aboutit’s security. And you can easily and in a very comfortably way you can download any file for your android device. It also supports the multiple downloading system. If you are downloading anything and want to download more files at one time or at once, than it is the best thing for you. You can easily download many files at once and enjoy it.

Salient features of uc browser

Control videos with gestures : Gesture command added to control video progress and adjust the volume. You can easily watch any video or any thing in your android device.

Cloud Server : It is also the one of the interesting and useful feature of uc browser. It compress the data and than show it to the users of android device. It saves the time of the users.

Smart Downloading : It is the one of the most important feature of UC Browser. It supports the smart downloading. We can also say that it has the smartest downloading system. Whatever you will download from this browser will just complete in few seconds.

Multiple Downloader : It is also the one of the main feature of uc browser. If you are downloading something in your android device and want to download any other file in your android device at the same time or at once, than it is the best thing for you. The users of android device can easily download many files at once or at same time.