Features of UC Browser

top 8 Features of UC Browse

UC Browser became popular because of its amazing features. The main features of UC Browser are:

  1. Night mode facility: This Browser has amazing feature of night mode facility. Through this facility users can read at night in their mobile very comfortably. And they can save their battery also.
  2. Speed Mode: This Browser is very famous because of its speed. You can watch any movie, TV Show or video in speed mode.
  3. AD Block: With the help from our user UC Browser ad block will block out most annoying ads on main sites.
  4. Facebook Mode: This feature speed up Facebook. No matter what is the speed of your internet, UC Browser finds a way to increase the speed.
  5. Smart Downloading: This browser has an amazing speed of downloading if any dropped connections, UC browser continues downloading from the break point.
  6. Video for all Taste: UC Browser will display movie and TV series.It has categories with videos for all tastes: the humor, the clips, anime, trailers and even war films.
  7. Control Videos with Gestures: Volume, Brightness, progress, etc. can all be controlled by gestures in UC Browser.
  8. Limited storage space: It requires limited storage space for downloading the music, videos, movies etc.

So lot of improvements has been done to add on these features.  So by using this UC Browser you can utilize those features also.