Samsung Galaxy J7 Max uc browser download

download uc browser for samsung j7 maxWelcome to the world of Giant mobile company in the world. Samsung is the biggest palyers in technology market with electronic from semiconductors to Televisions. Most of the user use Samsung smartphone with one of the best operating system Tizen.

Are you willing to match the tufts web uc browser with your Galaxy J7 Max?

The phone has 5.70-inch touchscreen display  and its really need a more powerful web-browser to display and compact with mobile application. Uc browser is one of the latest app with compact mode technology which make user work smooth and speedly.

Business mobile with uc browser

J7 Max powered by octa-core Media Tek Helio with P20 processor  with 4GB RAM one who deals in IT/CS sector is best option to work on this mobile using uc browser the fastest and latest technology.

In-Cards Widgets

Make your browser one stop solution for you work either online or offline with customizing your application widgets on your browser homescreen. This will make your work easy and fast you do not need to puzzle every time to get your widget from your mobile.

Cloud to boos Wi-Fi

If you are using Wi-Fi network for your internet and the network are week then you can use cloud boost method to fast your internet mobile data.

Download Manager

Manage up to 6 download at a time with same speed you can also choose option to enable or disable with download manager. Download in different folder as per your requirement.


Change your browser background image or text or color as per your mood by using uc browser customization setting.

Night Mode entertainment/work

Change your entire display to make it work easily in night mode without putting stress on your eyes. Lovest apps to work or read or enjoy movies at night in deem light on your bed.

Ad Blocker

Does you get irritate of loading so many page automatically? Are you browser open pop-up windows? Just get uc browser to stop all the unwanted stuff which open without your permission. Uc browser blocked al the pop up ads so that you can only open what you wan to open

Ad blocker works just as its name suggests. It prevents ads from loading on websites as well as any pop up ads that may try to come up. Users can take a look at the number of ads that have been blocked in total as well as the number of ads that have been blocked from each website. You can even choose to reset the statistics if needed.

Social media Quick Access

Use search bar or quick shortcut of Facebook, linkedin, twitter, newsfeed, messages, notification  in your browser.