UC Browser: Awards and Accomplishments

Accomplishments of UC Browser

UC Browser is largely a mobile browser that has been designed and developed by UCWeb – a Chinese mobile Internet company, in addition to its tremendous utility as a full-fledged computer browser. The browser was launched in 2004 as a J2ME application and subsequently it evolved in to a full-fledged internet browser. UC Browser is available on multiple platforms (OS and devices) such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Java ME, and BlackBerry.

It has a huge user base in countries such as China, India, Indonesia and Pakistan and is witnessing a continued growth in emerging regional markets. UC Browser reached the milestone mark of 100 million global users in 2014. According to a popular survey, UC browser is the second most used mobile web browser worldwide, overtaking Safari in 2015. In the journey so far, the browser has won millions of hearts and a unanimous fan following as far as choosing the preferred internet browser for mobile phones as well as computers is concerned.

As far as awards are concerned, UC Browser won the 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards by About.com in the Best Mobile (Non-iPad or iPhone) Browser category. The 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards saw UC Browser win the Best Android Browser award. The year also brought along the inclusion of the browser in the Red Herring 2012 Asia Top 100.

The browser’s parent company UCWeb won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award 2013. Needless to say, UC Browser’s growing popularity and market value played a key role in the organization bagging this award. Of late, the browser also made a mark in the Windows Phone Browser category by winning the 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards by About.com for the Best Windows Phone Browser.