UC browser : Your constant companion

No matter whether you are surfing the internet on mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet, UC Browser welcomes you with its multi-device compatibility feature. The browser also entices with its multi-OS compatibility capability.

UC browser is fast and easy to use, and loads pages quickly. Whether it is the tabbed browsing feature, easy placing of favourites and quick access to bookmarks, this browser is unarguably a web surfer’s delight. It supports simultaneous downloads, which can also be accessed offline. Moreover, the browser lets you share content to your social media in perhaps the most convenient manner.

The robust troubleshooting feature of UC Browser ensures that it stays your constant companion, even when things don’t seem to be working the way they are supposed to. You get an absolutely personalized and user-friendly experience with UC Browser. It makes you feel like it’s the very home page of your personal laptop or desktop, where you can customize themes, layout, menus and resolutions just the way you deem fit.

UC Browser also caches web pages, meaning that you may view a webpage and all its content offline and later. This is possible via the cloud acceleration and the thin client features of the browser that increase surfing speed as well as reduces the rate of consumption of your internet data.

Last but not the least UC Browser is your best companion because it gives you instant search results before you even finish typing. Its interface and settings are concise in nature and easy to understand, making browsing and searching easy as a result. The ease with which UC browser auto-adjusts websites over different devices to form an optimal resolution for viewing showcases the high levels of meticulousness and user-orientation with which it has been designed. No doubt then that UC browser is your constant companion!