UC browser download for iphone, Free version for iPhone

UC browser download for iphone

In addition to the utility of UC Browser for Android phones, it is also a more than handy browser for iPhone devices. The mobile version of UC Browser offers a fast surfing and an all-in-one versatile browsing experience. It also has features to update you with latest news, trending topics, online videos, streaming music, shopping, cricket scores, box office and much more.

With the triad of features – smarter, faster and better, UC Browser is no less than a dream-come-true for internet surfers worldwide. Be it streaming videos, loading web content or click processing, the browser leaves you awestruck with its superb speed. Add to that the ad blocking and data saving features and you have a complete iPhone browser at your hand.

With its mini video window feature you neither have to stop your video and music nor need to wait for the video to load and buffer. Additionally, its QR Code Reader feature can recognize any QR code your camera is pointing at by default. UC Browser also supports the 3D Touch APP Shortcut and you need to just press the browser icon on your iPhone’s Home screen to begin a search or log into YouTube.

UC Browser saves up to 60% of the data usage and also a lot of battery charge, enhancing your iPhone’s running capacity. The data compression technology enables you to browse faster and save more data. Whenever you wish to browse upon your phone in dark, you can easily switch to Night Mode to make reading more comfortable.

In essence, get used to a faster delivery and customizable presentation of web pages. You can even cache online videos to your phone and then view them later offline. So much so for a free browser!