UC Browser: Free version for Android phones

UC Browser: Free version for Android phones

The new UC Browser app is out in the market. And it is going blazing guns with the free download facility. With this app Android users can enjoy a swift browsing experience. No wonder then that the app is gaining tremendous amounts of attention and endorsement.

With all the original features intact in a small package, this light-weight browser is becoming more than useful for several Android phone users across the world. Apart from the fast browsing and smart downloading features, UC Browser Mini is also loaded with navigation cards and gesture commands to control and maneuver browsing activity such as video progress and volume adjustment. You could even use voice commands to trigger browsing activity and swiftly move from one tab to another.

The browser’s latest version boasts of advanced properties that make the app more personalized and customized. There is a lot new to discover including features such as Cloud download, QR CODE, Free Disk, Save Page and Text Only. Also, with the excellent privacy settings one can enjoy the incognito browsing experience.

What actually makes UC browser a distinct and popular app amongst the ‘tough nut to crack’ audience of young technocrats? The answer is – Fast browsing and downloading ability as well as the revolutionary Instant Search option that gets activated every time you copy-paste the text or the URL anywhere on the phone. Credit also goes to the Bug Fixing option that restrains the unencrypted URL from being sent when visiting HTTPS pages.

The latest UC Browser Mini supports Android version 4.3. It also lets you save web pages in PDF format. Needless to say, download today for a wholesome browsing experience.