UC Browser Mini lightest version

As anybody can assume with name of Mini, it is the lightest version of UC Browser. It is made by a Chinese company. It is working as a user friendly mobile application.
And the concept of this browser is fast browsing with low memory usage. UC browser has amazing browser especially for those people who are using old handsets. It has all features and functions of its supreme version such a light mode. It is a user friendly browser where other browser may result s in high memory usage, slow running of the operating system mobile. Now it has become the most popular browser because of its development of UC browser mini which has also resulted in a successful point itself. It uses the same level of graphics.  But its display features are depending which type of phone we are using. Now days people want some new innovative things which will fruitful to their daily life. Everybody wants the comfort zone things. That is why people always get attract for new things. Same UC browser mini is also a new development of Chinese company. People are eagerly using it.