UC browser Mini: Sleek, Lean and Agile

As voracious users of internet, we prefer to be specific and to-the-point in our browsing needs. Though there are good many browsers available in the market today, the UC browser in particular offers a fabulous surfing speed as well as economy in internet usage.

UC browser Mini is a light and sleek version that suits Android and some other smart-phones considering their relatively low storage as well as low battery capacity. It is still packed with great features such as fast browsing, navigation cards for local content and services, smart downloading for multiple and cloud downloads and incognito browsing to guard your privacy.

What Mini ensures is – an everyday companion on your mobile that takes care of all your browsing needs, virtually replacing the need to use a computer for surfing. The browser is a smooth and hassle free solution for the agility driven, mobile and always on the go internet users of today.

Mini’s interface is simple however it covers major features of the base version and even more. You could browse by gesturing on the screen and even use voice commands. Also, you can swiftly move from one tab to another.

Mini even has a night mode so you don’t feel crippled towards browsing for want of external light. Even the battery consumption of the smart-phone reduces due to the sleek nature of UC browser Mini.

In line with the localization policy of the browser, Mini has already become the most downloaded mobile browser in several countries and its usage continues to grow unabatedly. The agile browser not just improves internet speed, but also enhances the smart-phone’s running speed on account of occupying relatively less storage and processing space.

Indeed, it won’t be an over-statement to say – UC browser Mini is a sleek, lean and agile browser customized for the avid smart-phone users.