UC Browser: OS Compatibility

UC browser downloading latest version

UC Browser is compatible with a number of mobile and computer operating systems. Notable among these are Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry and Symbian. Android represents the largest user-base for the browser, covering around 60% of the total browser usage.

How does UC Browser manage to be compatible with all of them? It’s so because it’s designed from scratch keeping that objective in mind – to be compatible with almost any OS irrespective of time. This feature enhances the shelf life of any particular UC Browser version and also buys the development team quite a time before they think of introducing another version. It’s just like the PDF A app in case of document management and conservation – built to stay useful for long, forever perhaps.

Not one size fits all, though. The browser has customized versions available for different OS systems and devices. For example, there are two versions of UC Browsers available on App Store, which are UC Browser+ for iPhone and UC Browser+ HD for iPad. There are three versions of UC Browser available on Google Play, namely UC Browser Mini, UC Browser and UC Browser HD, all for Android phones.

In case of Windows Phone, UC Browser is the most downloaded and the most used third-party web browser. These features are completely in-line with the browser’s ‘Glocalization’ strategy which means ‘going global the local way’. This indicates the intent of UC Browser designers to keep the local user preferences in mind and customize the browser features according to the local market needs. With this, the parent company endeavors to better serve its growing international user base. The company is also in to partnerships with myriad companies such as Vodafone, Trend Micro and Game loft.