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Do you ever find a browser which is totally amazing and which has so many interesting features and which is also very small? YES small,
Today I’m going to tell you best ever and very tiny browser for your android phones. That is UC MINI. This app is small and lighter part of uc browser which I’m sure you know about this app this is truly amazing and interesting browser. Which has so many features. This application is so light and so tiny that it will adjust in your phone without having storage problems. Now every one needs a best or fast browsers and its features which will help them to surf on internet, now I’m going to tell you its best features.

  • If you want any privacy protection or you want to browse in very private way you can just activate the incognito browsing mode. You have to just ON this mode and then you will browse any thing you want it will never show your history to any one else and make your things private.
  • If you want to download many thing at the same time, It will be possible because this browser has integrated download manager by which you can download so many videos at same time.
  • It has facebook mode, which you have to make it on and then you can watch or see all your friends, family and relative updates. If you on this mode it will give you all the updates about upload of your facebook friends by giving you notifications.
  • It also have add block features by which you can block all the unwanted and unnecessary adds in your phone.
  • It also have bookmark feature by which you can not only see or search any topic but you can also add it to bookmark , if you want to read it again.

So, this tiny browser have so many features. You have to just download this app and you can enjoy all of theses features.

Download uc browser free

Category : uc Browser
OS : Android/ Windows
Version : /
Requires Android : 3.2 and up
Requires Windows : 7, 8 +
License : Free
Language : 7
Author : UC Web
Secure download : Yes
Size : 1.72MB